Our Vision.

Vote Rookie is a non-partisan democracy platform, connecting young people to politics and civic participation in meaningful ways.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and each has a unique story to share. We want to engage and motivate young people who are just starting to become politically interested. Our focus lies on inclusion and helping underrepresented groups’ voices be heard. We create access for young people into civic participation.

We believe that by engaging young people on their terms we give them the agency to get involved, influence their communities and empower underrepresented groups to connect more easily with politicians, municipalities and initiatives in their community.  This leads to  a more open dialogue and opens up new perspectives for citizens.

Our Goals

A new digital project to incentivise young  non-voters to engage in politics

Building Communities & Inclusion

Vote Rookie offers online tools to notify, organize, and mobilise people towards a common goal. It also allows you to learn about and join local projects and initiatives.

Youth Civic Participation

Vote Rookie’s main goal is increasing youth civic participation by using gamification elements and other tools young people know and love.

Digital Democracy

Vote Rookie promotes digital democracy to simplify access to voting, politicians and civic particpation for young people and other underrepresented groups.